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Massive is a specialist provider of technology/design services and software in the area of IP video.

Our technology focus is on enabling our clients to efficiently distribute and sell video content across a broad spectrum of consumer devices such as PCs, set-top-boxes, connected TVs, game consoles, tablets, smart phones and in-flight entertainment systems. On the design front, our UX&D leaders believe that good user interfaces - which are best arrived at through rigorous discovery processes and analysis - sell more content. Bad or average ones sell less. If you’re in the business of commercialising video content, it pays to get it right.

For 17 years we have worked closely with television networks and channels, cable TV operators, online video operators, film distributors, telcos and airlines – learning about their businesses and collaborating with them to create innovative new entertainment services for their customers.

Our professional services teams are expert in system integration/build, client/device application development, user experience consultancy and visual UI design for VOD/IPTV services. We have working relationships with a diverse group of TV and video oriented hardware manufacturers and also maintain a strong R&D focus within our company.

Our UX and Design teams have won scores of international awards for creating innovative user experiences, as have our engineering teams for ground-breaking technology developments that enhance live television and broadband entertainment experiences.

Massivision is Massive's suite of technology solutions. These software solutions enable our teams, as well as other developers and OTT/IPTV service providers to build multi-device video entertainment services, manage and schedule content and meta-data to the storefront and get User Interfaces in place quickly as new consumer devices become available on the market.  The Massivision Suite™ is all about reducing development time, increasing operational efficiencies and making content universally accessible to consumers wherever or whenever they want it – and on whatever device they may have at their fingertips at the time.

Our business is predicated on the convergence of three primary factors:

  1. The perennial appeal of television and video
  2. The convenience and utility of interactivity
  3. The ‘on demand’ delivery power of the internet. 

Since the earliest days of interaction between television, interactivity and the internet, Massive has been delivering innovative, successful large-scale iTV, Broadband TV and IP video/IPTV solutions for companies around the world.

From our main offices in London and Sydney, we currently serve clients throughout the UK, USA, AsiaPac and Middle East, always putting our people on the ground wherever our clients need us.


+44 (0) 207 636 5585

6th Floor, 10 Lower Thames St.
London EC3R 6AF
United Kingdom

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+61 2 9331 8400

Level 2, 113-115 Oxford St
P.O.Box 567 Darlinghurst
NSW 2010 Australia

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New York

+1 212 729 3247

350 Madison Avenue
, 21st Floor
New York, NY 10017

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